Welcome Elijah & Noah!

October 16, 2015  •  5 Comments

   I remember the look on Moses' face when he walked into the waiting room at Dallas Baylor to announce that his boys had finally arrived. Fighting back tears and just overwhelmed with joy, it was an amazing feeling to see my brother as a daddy.  For my brother and sister-in-law, the journey has not been an easy road.  It took lots of patience and prayer to get here and now we can rejoice with them.  At 27 weeks, Candice went in for check up and ended up staying at the hospital on bed rest for a total of around 63 days.  During that time it was up to Moses to get the nursery ready, buy all the items needed and at the same time take care of Candice after a long day at work.  With the help of mom, Candice's mom as well as several family and friends they were able to get through it and the day finally arrived for the twins to go home.  On monday, we arrived at the hospital and helped Moses and Candice pack up and get the boys dressed for the ride home.  I just wanted to share that day in photos with you all!  Please continue to pray for this new family as they grow and get through all of the diapers changes and sleepless nights.  Love you Elijah and Noah!  


MitsI Pimentel(non-registered)
All the struggle sure paid off! They are awesome and such a beautiful blessing from God! I was privileged to get to be a small part of this story.
Ms. Trejo(non-registered)

Mrs. Ruiz:

First of all, let me wish you a very Happy Bosse's Day (Oct. 16) even though you left us at Kiest I and the whole crew still remembers you lots and lots. I see you in our DISD's page so that's a smile every time I log in. LOL

Now, let me say Awww!!........ how cute and precious are this two little angels. One of them looks a lot more like you but the other one has both, you and Mr. Ruiz features. So adorable. May God bless and send you more blessings each day. Take care and I hope to meet them one day.

Joyful Congragulations,
Ms. Trejo
Celeste Ruiz(non-registered)
So precious!! What a blessing! :-)
Liz Orta(non-registered)
I am extremely happy for the Ruiz family! Congratulations!! Beautiful family!
Corina Dominguez(non-registered)
Aww! Thank you so much for sharing, once again Jason & Laurie your pictures are awesome! Thank you Jesus for these beautiful Baby Boys such a blessing! Congratulations to Mijo Moses & Candice. Love you all!
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