Mrs. Malissa Albrecht

June 21, 2016  •  1 Comment


   We drove up to the funeral home not sure what to expect.  Malissa had told us the location she wanted to use for her session was different and a little  out-of-the-box. We were a bit skeptical at first but as we walked up the very steep metal staircase, we quickly knew that this was going to be amazing session.  I just had to get over my fear of bees..okay there was just like two but I do have a phobia of bees so it felt like so many more.  The building was hot and the only ventilation was coming from the broken windows.  We knew we could only last for maybe 30min in this heat so had to get the shots that we needed fast.  We ran around and planned out our shooting locations and got straight to work.  Laurie started off getting beautiful natural light shots of Malissa while I set up off camera flash.  Malissa's mom, sister, and friend helped fan Malissa to keep her from overheating so it was a team effort for sure!  Malissa was not afraid of the dust and dirt getting on her dress.  She even climbed a hay bale in her dress and it paid off.  Thank you Malissa for being fearless and for allowing us to get these amazing shots.

The windows created an amazing backdrop!  

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Blessings, Jason & Laurie



Dori Overman(non-registered)
This is so very beautiful! Do you ever share your location with other people? I am also a photographer and would love to shoot my daughter in that location!
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