Timothy Calvin Tyson

July 28, 2016  •  1 Comment

We were honored when the Tysons invited us over to meet and capture a few photos of baby Timothy earlier this week!  We are so happy for our friends Entaune and Candice.  It's an amazing journey entering into the world of parenthood.  A time when a good nights rests is all but a distant memory and new and unfamiliar sounds fill the house at all hours of the day.  Oh, and one can't forget to mention the mounds of diapers and laundry that pile up hourly.  Yeah, good times!  But these days will fly by so fast......so fast that you will forget how small he was.  So cherish these moments and take it one day at a time giving thanks to God for the amazing gift He has given you both.  Timothy is blessed to have such amazing couple as his parents and we know that God has great things in store for him and for you both.  Hang in there Entaune and Candice it is so worth it all!  

Blessings, J & L 



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These are positively beautiful!
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