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McKee Wedding

December 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

   Christmas time is an extra special time for both James and Angel.  For Angel, she will always remember the evening of December 19th when James got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.  Now the twinkling Christmas lights and sounds of comfort and Joy will always remind her of the time she made the most important decision in her life.  For James, asking the girl of his dreams to be his wife was the best moment by far but that Christmas also brought change to his life in a different way.  The tornadoes that hit the DFW area last year was too close to home.  James jumped right in and helped many of those who were affected by the storms.  The experience led James to a life of public service with a purpose of helping others. Thank you James!   

   Fast forward ten months to their wedding day... After months of planning the day had finally arrived for James and Angel to become Mr and Mrs. McKee.  Every wedding we shoot as a certain vibe to it.  Some weddings are busy and stressful and others are calm and easy going.  James & Angel's wedding was fun and energetic.  We truly had a blast capturing every moment we could.  Thank you James and Angel for choosing us as your photographers.  Here are few of our favorites from your amazing wedding day!  J&L 


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