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Trujillo Wedding

September 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Laurie & I arrived at Dallas Love airport early enough so that we could sit and have a good breakfast together before our flight to Amarillo, TX.  After our tasty breakfast, we walked over to our terminal and saw that a storm was making its way over the airport.  The lady at the information desk came on the speaker and announced that our flight was redirected to Austin because of the lightning and that our flight would be delayed.  Five very long hours later, we were finally able to board the plane.  You can imagine how stressed we were when we landed in Amarillo.  And to make matters worse, our luggage was soaking wet..thanks Dallas Love for that.  We ran to the nearest airport restroom and tried to dry our clothes in the bathroom dryers.  We then rushed to pickup our rental car and raced to the venue speeding down the highway at speeds I never drive at.  We had to get to the venue as quickly as possible and we had to make sure we didn't miss any of Luis and Meagan's wedding day.  I have to say we are so blessed to work with some of the most amazing clients.  When we were finally able to meet Meagan and Luis face to face for the first time, we knew we were going to be a part of a really special day and make some great friends in the process.  Luis & Meagan were so much fun to work with.  Their beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony was picture perfect.  And even though weather had almost cancelled our flight in the morning, the storm at the end of the wedding day gave us a spectacular backdrop for Luis and Meagan!  Congratulations Luis and Meagan on your new life together and thank you for allowing and trusting us to be your wedding photographers.  We pray that God has great plans for your lives together!  





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